For more than 20 years Van Egmond Lisianthus is involved in the selection and propagation of summer flowers from seed and tissue culture. Annualy more than 250 million plants are grown for breeders in the Netherlands and abroad. The products are Lisianthus (Eustoma).

  • + Collaboration

    On 1 April 2013, the former J. van Egmond & Zn family company, based in the Dutch village of Rijnsburg, officially became Van Egmond Lisianthus. The name change accompanies a new partnership with the Westland-region seed and plant-enhancement company Noordam Plants (Combinations) in ’s-Gravenzande. In early 2013, the two companies merged their activities in the cultivation and marketing of Lisianthus plants. While Noordam Plants is specialised in the production of different summer (cut)flowers and vegetables, Van Egmond focuses on the production of Lisianthus plants. As a result of the partnership, Van Egmond Lisianthus has more than doubled its acreage.


  • + History

    J. van Egmond & Zn started out as a family-owned growing company just after the Second World War. Over time, it came to specialise in the selection and propagation of seeds for summer flowers. From 2003, Van Egmond has focused entirely on the cultivation of Lisianthus plants. Cultivation takes place in its greenhouses in Rijnsburg, spanning more than 2 hectares, and, since 2013, at an additional facility in the Westland region, where Van Egmond Lisianthus cultivates 2.5 hectares. Van Egmond Lisianthus employs a workforce of over 30.

    Like Van Egmond, Combinations is a family-run company, with more than 80 years’ experience in the enhancement of seeds and seedlings. Employing 100 people, the company supplies vegetable growers and ornamental plant growers with material, cuttings and seeds for vegetable plants, cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants and tropical plants.


  • + Philosophy and approach


    Van Egmond Lisianthus has been involved in the selection and propagation of material for Lisianthus plants since 2003. We deliver Lisianthus plants year-round to both domestic and foreign growers. The company works on a tight production schedule using specially developed Select-O-Mat machines.

    Our seven sorting machines are in operation 24 hours a day, six days a week. Each plant is individually scanned by a camera to monitor leaf surface area and height. Products that fail to meet our criteria are destroyed. This approach ensures growers are supplied a uniform product, which promotes even growth, reduces losses and facilitates shorter cultivation periods and earlier harvest. 

  • + Exports

    Much of our Lisianthus production is designated for export to, among others, Eastern Europe, Israel, Africa and China. For exports, we work with custom-designed trays that enable us to ship Lisianthus plants quickly and efficiently by both road and air – and so guarantee the same high standard of quality to our foreign customers.


  • + Cultivation support and advice

    Van Egmond Lisianthus’ activities go beyond simply supplying growers with high-quality plants. An instrumental aspect of our approach is that we provide cultivation support at the grower location, with trained representatives who are knowledgeable about all the latest developments. In our daily activities, we are always striving for the best results, driven by a commitment to perfection and continuous innovation – and working side by side with growers.

  • + Innovation

    At our nurseries in Rijnsburg and ’s-Gravenzande we are always working on developing new varieties, cultivation methods and ways to improve on quality. Both here and at our subsidiary Dutch Farms in Tanzania, for example, we conduct trials and test plant cultivation onsite as part of our continuous mission to innovate our product range. Our representatives are always ready to share their know-how with growers. To aid in this process, we actively involve our customers in the cultivation process and welcome new ideas.


  • + Our employees

    More than 30-strong, our employees are dedicated to supplying a top-quality product and share a strong sense of commitment to our customers. With few organisational layers, our company works closely with growers and knows the issues affecting them.


  • + Our products

    Van Egmond Lisianthus is specialised in the selection and propagation of Lisianthus plants. Each year we cultivate more than 200 million Lisianthus plants for both domestic and foreign growers.


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