Van Egmond Lisianthus is the market leader in the selection and propagation of young  lisianthus plants. The Rijnsburgs’ family business strives for continuous improvement and innovation and for perfect quality, the whole year round. Van Egmond Lisianthus does this in close collaboration with lisianthus growers both within the Netherlands and abroad. 

  • + Our Company

    Van Egmond Lisianthus was founded just after the Second World War. Over the years the family business has come to specialise in the selection and propagation of seeds and plants. Since 2003 the Rijnsburgs’ business has focused exclusively on the propagation and selection of young lisianthus plants.

    New lisianthus varieties
    In the summer of 2018 Van Egmond Lisianthus entered into a contract with seed producer Sakata. Under this Van Egmond Lisianthus has obtained the exclusive right to introduce new lisianthus varieties together with Sakata. Thanks to this alliance Van Egmond Lisianthus is able to take a major step forward towards the introduction of new, qualitatively stronger varieties.

    Key words
    Quality, innovation and growth are key words. But the thing that Van Egmond Lisianthus would most wish to underline is the importance of a long-term, sustainable relationship with the cultivators of the tens of varieties of lisianthus. This manifests itself in close involvement and short lines of communication.  

  • + Working methods

    Throughout the year Van Egmond Lisianthus produces young plants for lisianthus cultivators at home and abroad. This occurs in accordance with a tight production schedule, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Van Egmond Lisianthus’ personnel check the plants and select them on the basis of size, which results in balanced growth. This also keeps losses to a minimum. As a result lisianthus cultivators can work efficiently and quickly, whilst quality is permanently guaranteed.

    Personal attention
    Van Egmond Lisianthus’ work does not end with the delivery of the plants. Supervising their cultivation is just as important. Thanks to the personal attention shown by Van Egmond’s representatives, who visit the cultivators regularly, lisianthus cultivators can deliver top quality products to their customers. Van Egmond and the cultivators work together in seeking to achieve perfection and continually seeking to optimise the production process. A sustainable relationship forms the basis for this.

  • + Innovation

    The quality of the lisianthus plants is very high, thanks to years of experience, the application of the latest techniques, and sophisticated cultivation measures. An example: the air humidity, the temperature and the soil humidity are computer monitored from one minute to the next. And automatic sorting machines are used to select the plants. This means that Van Egmond Lisianthus is leading the way, at the forefront of the sector.

    Innovating together
    Innovation occurs in collaboration with the lisianthus cultivators both within the Netherlands and abroad. This leads to some surprising discoveries. For example Van Egmond Lisianthus arranged for special trays to be developed for air transport. More young lisianthus plants are able to fit within the trays. This results in lower transport costs, whilst guaranteeing the quality of the plants during transportation.  


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